Strategic Radiology Joins Luminaries as WorldCare Global Radiology Provider


Strategic Radiology, a 26-member consortium of private radiology practices, joins the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, UCLA Health, Boston Children’s Hospital, and other luminary sites to provide global diagnostic and second opinion consultations.

“WorldCare pioneered the medical second opinion process and continues to evolve the service by partnering with other industry leaders, including Strategic Radiology,” said Paul Clark, chief technology officer, WorldCare, which operates in more than 40 countries, in a prepared statement. “Together with Strategic Radiology, we will continue to connect members worldwide with the information and resources needed to make informed medical decisions with greater confidence.”

“Both Strategic Radiology and WorldCare are committed to exceptional quality and to maximizing timely, efficient, and strategic access to the world’s best health care,” said Arl Van Moore, Jr., MD, FACR, chairman, Strategic Radiology. “That makes for an ideal partnership.”

In addition to its pioneering work in global diagnostic and second-opinion consultations, WorldCare was the first company to obtain FDA clearance for wavelet compression, allowing compressed, diagnostic-quality images to be sent digitally.

Following a trial period that began in March 2015 and generated referrals from countries that included Kuwait, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, Strategic Radiology formalized its agreement this month, according to the press release. Kip McMillan, CEO of member practice Diversified Radiology, Lakewood, Colo., and chair of SR’s IT committee, said Strategic Radiology’s Subspecialty Telerad Partners is the only WorldCare vendor that specializes exclusively in radiology.

“The depth of our clinical expertise in subspecialties, our real-world experience, and our exceptionally rapid turnarounds have proved to be a great asset,” McMillan said in a prepared statement.