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Our area of expertise is communication. We can work as a complement to your existing staff or as a turnkey communication service to help your practice identify and articulate its unique value to providers, payors, patients, and the community. We create content, including publications, webinars, newsletters, videos, web sites, and other vehicles for the internal and external communication needs of radiology practices.

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Internal Communication

For practices seeking a higher level of cohesion, we will work with you to develop the communication vehicle best suited to deliver your message to your shareholders, employees, and affiliates.

  • Reinforce your culture, values, and mission among shareholders and employees.
  • Gear up for a major quality or service initiative.
  • Effectively share your collective achievements, challenges, and wins.

External Communication

Are you telling your story to all stakeholders? We can help you craft strategic communication vehicles for health system executives and payors, in addition to your referring community.

  • Build awareness around services provided to hospital and health system clients.
  • Communicate clinical and service excellence to payors and businesses.
  • Educate your market on the value your practice provides.
Vox Percipio services for custom content

Custom Content

No two practices are alike. We will work with you to identify your objectives and create the appropriate content for your unique communication needs.

  • Video demonstrations and interviews that educate and inform your clients and patients.
  • Publications and case studies to highlight the breadth and quality of your practice’s service.
  • Webinars to effectively deliver your message across wide geographies.

The Weekly Dispatch

A weekly newsletter that delivers brief, concise summaries of the week’s top stories impacting the delivery of radiology services.

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